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PARM: Portobello

BRAISE: Spicy oxtails


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6730 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, Florida 33138

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We are a small restaurant located in the historic MIMO district of Miami. We serve food that people like to eat including a daily rotation of braised dishes, parmesans, ribs and an unprecedented variety of vegetables.

We keep it real casual and do our best to provide exceptional food and service.

Our mission statement is to make you feel like you are one of our close friends.


Owner/Executive Chef

Daniel Serfer, a Miami native, opened his first restaurant, Blue Collar, in January 2012. Frequented by locals and visitors alike, Blue Collar offers American comfort food in a casual setting.

Serfer didn't always aspire to opening a restaurant. After achieving legendary debate champion status in high school, Serfer aspired to become a lawyer. While studying for the LSAT in 2004, he realized his real inspiration came from cooking and not the law. Serfer was then accepted into culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu in Miramar, Florida and, upon enrolling, Serfer took a job at the James Beard award-winning Chef Allen's in Aventura, Florida.

Serfer rose from stagé to Chef De Cuisine at Chef Allen's over the course of five years working with Allen Susser. Serfer then decided it was time for a new challenge, this time as Executive Chef at The 15th Street Fisheries & Dockside Café in Fort Lauderdale. During his time there, Serfer revamped the entire restaurant, creating a more modern and approachable menu and increasing sales by 30%.

After a stint in New York City, Serfer opened Blue Collar in January 2012. During a vacation to Miami to visit family in 2011, Serfer found an available restaurant space along Biscayne Boulevard attached to one of the historic motels that line the main thoroughfare. Armed with a concept for delivering the kind of food that he loved to eat, Serfer packed his bags and moved back home. For the past two years, Blue Collar has delivered contemporary comfort food in a laid back environment that feels like home. The menu is fun and approachable while remaining diverse enough to please every diner, from carnivore to vegetarian.

In April 2014, Serfer announced the opening of his second restaurant, an oyster bar called Mignonette. Drawing on the success of Blue Collar, Mignonette provides an approachable, fun environment where patrons can enjoy a dozen oysters, a bottle of champagne, classic seafood preparations like Oysters Rockefeller and Clams Casino, and a kickass prime rib. Once again driven to create the kind of restaurant he enjoys, Serfer is excited to bring a unique oyster bar experience to the guests who have made Blue Collar so popular.


Chef de Cuisine

The best way to get to know Chef de Cuisine Ervin Bryant is to see him in action. During the brunch rush on Sunday at Blue Collar, he's slinging eggs every-which way, grilling steaks and bacon with ease and just barely breaking a sweat.

Ervin grew up in Homestead, FL surrounded by his large family. On Sundays, they would have big cookouts and Ervin watched as his mother, grandmother and aunt would get to work in the kitchen. Ervin's mother and father are from the South, Mississippi and Georgia respectively, so iron skillet cornbread was always a staple. Ervin learned early on that cooking made him happy so he pursued his passion. Ervin's first kitchen job was at an Olive Garden while attending the Southeastern Culinary Training Center in Kissimmee, FL. Starting as a dishwasher and leaving as Head Chef, Ervin would repeat this pattern of ladder-climbing over his career. After graduating from Culinary School, Ervin spent seven years at Pacific Time in Miami Beach, working under Chef Jonathan Eismann as Sous Chef for three years. Ervin's determination and work ethic is unparalleled, and he held the title of Executive Chef at four Miami restaurants over the course of six years - Grass Lounge, Q American BBQ, The Shelbourne Hotel and Morgan's Restaurant.

Ervin's lengthy and varied experience allows him to be just as comfortable making bubby's latkes as he is being a pitmaster. Ervin couldn't imagine doing anything else, “we're so close to the ocean and so close to all the farms in Homestead, we have everything a chef could ever want. This is the best place for me," Ervin says. Ervin is also a talented vocalist, he sings, “I love to cook, it's so much fun!" in the kitchen all day long. Ervin and his wife Marie have a 14 month old son, Matheo, who already has more girlfriends than you.


Sous Chef

Sam has had a voracious appetite for as long as he could remember. Being the only son surrounded by four sisters made Sam the king of his castle, where his mother fed him well to ensure that he grew up big and strong. And it worked; Sam's wingspan is almost the length of Blue Collar. He attended Le Cordon Bleu in Miramar, FL after graduating high school. Fresh out of school, Sam got a job at Prelude by Barton G at the Adrienne Arsht Center and had his first real kitchen experience - he had come a long way from the Aventura Mall food court. After a year, he landed in The Mondrian Hotel on South Beach working at Asia de Cuba. While there, he had the pleasure of working with Bobby Frank, current Chef de Cuisine of Mignonette. Sam has a taste for international travel, in addition to his mission to see all our National landmarks. He has been to France, Denmark, Brussels, Belgium and Canada (his wife is Canadian, had to throw it in there.) Recruited for the opening team of Mignonette, Sam has found his place at Blue Collar.


Stephannie Cuervo is so much more than a manager at Blue Collar – she's our collective mom. Stephannie has over eight years experience in the hospitality industry and seven years experience in the mothering industry – with those two forces combined she is able to keep Blue Collar from burning to the ground (and taking the hooker motel with it!) Stephannie went to school to become a veterinary technician and spent five time working in Hammock's Veterinary Hospital. While mending paws and rescuing cats from trees, Stephannie was a part time hostess at Blue Collar. Through months and months of wearing her down, Danny was able to convince Stephannie to become a server and eventually, a manager. She not only manages the zoo that is Blue Collar on a Sunday, but lives in her own little zoo with a dog, a cat, two parrots, a bearded dragon, a tank full of tropical fish and her two boys – her son Tommy and her husband Oscar. She really does it all!


Line Cook

Junior Pericles is the up-and-comer in the Blue Collar and Mignonette kitchens. Born in Nassau, Bahamas and raised in Miami, Junior had always been on-the-go. Four years ago, Chef Danny hired Junior as a dishwasher and made him part of the opening team. Junior worked his ass off and it was impossible not to notice. When Mignonette opened three years later, Junior split his time between both restaurants. While he is training his palate and learning classic techniques, he has the benefit of working closely with the chefs at both restaurants. Junior may be a grasshopper now, but we know he'll be a master soon.

Olevia Natasha Williams


She got it from her mama. Chef Olevia Williams is the newest member of the Blue Collar family, joining the team in April 2016. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Olevia is the youngest of six. She grew up tagging along with her mother, Laurel Williams. Mrs. Williams operated a small catering business and worked with The Jewish Board of Family and Children Services for 21 years. Olevia watched her mother prepare meals for their local church, the pastor, congregates, countless soup kitchen AND her family of six growing children. Olevia learned early the joy food can bring; her mother taught her that cooking for others is a service that feeds the soul. Straight out of high school, Olevia attended the Art Institute in Charlotte, NC to earn a culinary degree. After graduation, Olevia became Catering Supervisor at Carowinds Amusment Park. She would organize, prep and execute massive picnics and BBQs for thousands of hungry thrill riders. After way too many rollercoaster rides Olevia landed a job at Del Frisco’s Steak House. She started off making salads and begged the chefs there to give her a chance on the hot line. She made them an offer they couldn’t refuse: give her a shot for one shift and she’d swear to stop asking. After that one shift, Olevia had a permanent position at sauté. The girl loves hot pans, what can we say. After five years in Charlotte, it was time for a change and a challenge. Olevia and her girlfriend Ashley moved to Miami. Ashley is currently attending the Art Institute of Miami for fashion and merchandising. She is a Dean’s List student and is already working with models and celebrities behind-the-scenes. They currently share an apartment with their cat Amy who has serious attitude and likes avocados. We are so lucky to have Olevia as part of the team. Look out for her specials to come!


Official Mascots

Henry "Steak" Serfer and Bacon the Pug are the official mascots of Blue Collar and are affectionately known as Steak 'N Bake.


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